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Les Notes de mon Jardin

Discover a company where respect for nature and taste pleasure meet. Do you also want a job that is meaningful, in a caring environment, in line with your values?

The company

Les Notes de mon Jardin is a company that combines passion and commitment to nature and health. Since our inception, we have chosen strong values: seasonality, respect for products, taste, and genuine pleasure. We firmly believe in the quality of our ingredients and the authenticity of our quiches and soups, which reflect our high standards.

Our team of 15 people works hand in hand to deliver tasty and ethical products. We value flexibility, collaboration, and respect, embodied by our founder, Philippe. For 15 years, our CSR approach has guided our actions, both environmentally and humanly, providing a caring and adaptable work environment for everyone.

Join a company where every detail matters, where authenticity is not just a slogan but a daily reality. Together, let's bring our values to life through products that are good for our customers and the planet.

Our values


All our vegetables come from organic farming, which is at the heart of our values.


The pursuit of blends and textures with an unparalleled taste is our daily concern.


Offering quality products while following an eco-friendly approach and respecting the strictest manufacturing standards is possible!

When I created Les Notes de mon Jardin, I wanted a company where each product tells a story and every person feels valued. For us, it's not just about making quiches and soups, but doing it with passion, respect, and sincerity. Here, every team member is essential, and together, we cultivate an environment of respect, kindness, and excellence.


Founder of Les Notes de mon Jardin


Les Notes de mon Jardin is a human-sized company made up of 15 people, some of whom have been with us for over a decade! Personalities proud to uphold our values, who prioritize meaning in their work and consider diversity a source of wealth. Here, vegetables are seen as living products. Products that are tasted and processed in a certain way... always keeping the consumer in mind to strive for the best.

CSR at the heart of our society

At Les Notes de mon Jardin, sustainability is our keyword. We have always favored actions that align with our human and ecological values. By working with seasonal vegetables from local producers, we support regional agriculture and respect the environment. Moreover, we have installed solar panels on the roof of our workshop in Tubize, allowing us to use 70% of our energy production and only feed 30% back into the grid.

Our commitment goes beyond the environment. We offer a flexible work environment, especially for young parents, in order to meet their specific needs. We value human relationships and respect within our team, thus creating a caring and motivating framework.

Join us and take part in an adventure where every action counts towards a better future.

The epic team

Philippe Debra trained at the Namur hotel school and in renowned restaurants before discovering the food industry

natural. In 1994, he and his wife, Isabelle, launched the B2B company 'Les Notes de mon Jardin'. Every day in their workshop in Tubize, vegetables are meticulously worked, assembled, and seasoned to create pies sold to grocery stores and bakeries. A few years later, they became suppliers for Le Pain Quotidien and the pastry chef

Debailleul! The soup then made its debut in 2007, and in 2015, the brand Potagez! was launched to offer their products directly

to consumers. With his experience on the board of directors

Joining an agri-food company, Pierre Baucher became a partner in 2022. The two men already knew each other through a mutual client, and for them, it was clear. While Philippe brings his magic to the kitchen, Pierre takes care of business development

and the company's financial strategy. A match of personalities and values, a shared vision but also complementary skills: the chemistry happens...

Life at Les Notes de mon Jardin

🥗 Tavola, you’ve been a feast of opportunities! #throwback

Over the course of three fruitful days (from March 17 to 19), our team proudly presented our artisanal soups and quiches among over 150 exhibitors at Tavola, a food trade show held every two years. https://www.tavola-xpo.be/fr/home/

The event was a melting pot of major industry players and we savoured every moment, engaging with existing partners and simmering up potential new collaborations from Belgium and beyond 🍲 Cheers to a successful show and the exciting partnerships on the horizon! 🙌🏻

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🌱 A BioXpo to remember

🌾 Throwback to an exhilarating two days (March 24 and 25) at BioXpo, Belgium’s largest BIO fair, and what a fertile ground it proved to be! https://www.bio-xpo.be/fr/home

🥣 With the help of Louise, Philippe Debra’s daughter, we showcased our well-loved organic soups alongside our new certified organic quiches.

🤝 It was a joy to reconnect with our Belgian customers and sprinkle in meetings with organic store chain buyers and store representatives. Here's to the fruitful discussions and a greener future!

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We’re thrilled to announce that Chouke (soup & sauces) has joined the Notes de mon Jardin family! 🤩 @choukesoup

This isn’t just an exciting development, it’s also a celebration of shared values. Imagine the same commitment to high quality, organic goodness and supporting local farmers - now even stronger together 🥕🙌

We continue our journey of bringing you the best nature has to offer so stay tuned as we cook up something extraordinary together 🥣🌿 Here’s to a fresh, flavourful future!

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